Which Veggies Are Good For Health?

Which veggies are good for health? Is most of what we might ask ourselves, or nutrician that is when we fall prey to one of the many illnesses out there in this wide world. Well! This is what I have to say – all of them and none of them. All of them have their attributes. The only thing which is necessary, is how they are grown and the nutritive value they have in them.

Veggies or vegetables are the primary form of life from which all mammals get their ability to live, either directly or indirectly. It is a source of energy, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients for them which in turn is vistal for life.

Yes, vital for the existence of animal life! Till there is a break down in the system by which the anatomy of the body functions. Then some can be more detrimental to the existence of it. The body of all animals, including man, has a way of telling it so. But the taste bud of man has been so over power, that at times he cannot tell the difference. It is not so much the same as other classes of the animal species. The tongue and hunger pangs dictate the terms to him. The of the foremost causes at the present time his his slavery to pharmaceutical medicine.

Potatoes is the store house of sugar which is a necessity for energy activity but when it goes over the limit that any animal needs, it can result in what is known as high blood sugar levels. This does not kill, but the attribute of it kills. So it is the moderation in which we ought to take our veggies that is the import factor. Cucumbers is a great veggie/ fruit, but too much of it can also have the inverse impact on our digestive system. Leading to all food not being digested in the digestive system. Then what good is the cucumber then. The behaviour in which we consume our vegetables is the greater factor, rather than how much or how little we do.

It is the balance, between the many of them and the seasonal growth that should be taken into consideration. The greatest among them is “How they are grown?” Some are grown for monetary use? Basically to make profit from the food we eat – quick and easy, which I must say is most of what we get in the market presently. But, this form of veggies are mostly striped of the nutrient by the way they are grown. Food and vegetables grown should be naturally grown. Then only will the question be answered, “Which veggies are good for health?”

Vegetables are not only food for the body, but also medicine occurring in the natural state. A gift of nature to us, so should be allowed to be be naturally grow. It might serve a purpose otherwises and at the same time be detrimental to us. This makes us a slave to substitutes for artificial nutrient and minerals.


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