Water Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink

Water Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink, are the famous of words of Captain cook who with his three ships discover Australia. Surrounded by the waters of the Indian Ocean but not a drop of fresh water and battered by hurricane winds and storm.

The reason being, is that sea and ocean waters are so salty and saturated with salt which makes it undrinkable. How true sounds his saying, said by the circumstances he was in. He did not make it so, it is the natural phenomena that large water bodies are made of.

We humans are used to the use of freshwater which makes up only about four to five percent of all the water. This again has to be recycled by the natural way of the way of evaporation cloud formation and rain to come to us in forms of rivers, streams and springs on the land masses. They are used by us and then to return to the large salty water bodies in waste form after are use or most of it.

This fresh water of just only five percent is not much to speak of, specially the way we go about using and contaminating it. So much so, some places on earth that was a plethora of fresh water is now nothing much to speak of. Or it it is still there, is the same as the salt water bodies. Make the words of Captain Cook that water water everywhere but not a drop to drink, sound all the more true to our ears.

It is not only humans that depend on fresh water but other species as well. We humans cannot live alone on this planet Earth. The other species are just as important for the survival and the well being of our planet that we call home. At the moment, we as humans do not have another planet that is safe enough that we can live as freely as we do on this planet. But what is the use when we are destroying everything that makes it friendly for us to live on it. Specially the fresh water. Remember, that, we, the human species cannot live more than forty eight hours without a sip of water. What happens then when fresh water runs out. This seems to be the case in most places on Earth. People migrate to greener pastures bringing them into conflict with those already. No one wants to share something as important as water.

Fresh water is not only important for drinks, but is also important for our food. Food cannot be grown without water – or most of it. The animals also depend on what is grow. If nothing is grown or not much of it then our meat stock is not there or is less for it to go around. Leading to increased prices for the same quantity we once paid for. All this is because water water everywhere but not a drop to drink and further more more use for their species survival and in the bargain ours as well. whose making is this, ours and ours alone – the human species with all his intelligence and knowledge to modify and make the resources to the use of money for unsatiating want for luxuries, which never ceases to end in his lifespan on this planet Earth.

Change our ways and the way we look to what luxury means with the usage of the abstraction called may save us from the saying of Captain Cook.

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