The Value of Money


Even before we come to understanding is “the value of money” we first got know what money is in the true sense. When we understand this and this alone, then we will understand it value.

Now coming to “What money is?” It is some sort of thing issued by the given authority designated by the ruling authority of the country both in the paper kind as well as in abstraction better known in the digital world with safeguards in, in place so that it cannot be made and printed by unauthorized persons to manipulation the system and his betterment.

Money was so made that persons and organisation could exchange it in lieu of goods and services making it easier than the batter system that once prevailed in most places on this earth and in countries.

The True Value of Money

To get the true value of money, all depends on how consider what exactly it is. But, one thing for sure, it all depends on the demand of the service or the product one has willing in exchange and offer for it. A $100 may get you a quantity of something in one place and much less or more in another or the willingness of what the person has a want for it. Hence that is what sets forth the value of the $100 bill that you exchange for.

Coming to the true sense, there is no true value for money. The same kind of house with all the same kind of attributes will be on sale depend on a number of things. Where is it locate? How far is it from town? Is it a posh area or where the lowly kind live? So and so forth? How much you pay for similar house has set the true value of your money.

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