The Eleventh Hour

The eleventh hour is a story, I had the pleasure of teaching to students while as a teacher so that there are aware that in a couple of years they would also be parents. Never take your child’s word for granted, who is to know that it might be the eleventh hour then.

What the Eleventh Hour is About?

It is got to do with time you come where you are powerless to either save yourself or other, that you might love. You are in such a fix, that you have to hang your head in shame and cry and bear the consequence. That is of what you have made over time.

The Truth Unfolds

The truth unfolds, as parenting we take the words of our children to be the truth. We feel that he is not hiding the reality from us.We believe him to be the best child on earth. There is no other like him. He is not capable of the contrary. I have many stories to tell. Some which unfolded before my eyes.

Well, as this one goes. There was a person in the prison system of the U.S. Judicial System. He was responsible for putting people to death legally in the electric chair. It so happened that this was his last legal execution on payroll by the state.

He was being pestered by the journalist around, as how he felt this being his last one over a long career in it. He was to go into retirement now onward. He simply showed a stoic face with no emotions and was mum. He was pleased to get over with his last one.

Who was to be executed by him? Well, the person in question was a young chap, barely out of his teens. Just twenty two yours old. He had shot dead three police officers in one of his gangster charades. He was eventually caught, indicted, and now faced the death penalty by the state. The day of his execution had come to pass at the hands of this executioners last one.

The time had come, the young person to be put death was brought in. He sat on the chair. His face was hooded and all parts of his body covered. The executioner’s assistance began strapping him in. Then as is norm, removing all personal belongs and handing them over to the executioner. These were to be passed onto the next of kin. The same was done here.

Time was nearly near, as he was to be put at end to at exactly twelve. While the personal property was being handed over, something caught the execution’s eye. It was a wrist watch, an exact replica on his wrist. It was at this junction of time, the eleventh hour, that he realized, that the chap sitting in the chair was no one else but his son. He was powerless to do anything now. Twelve came and he could not pull the lever to unleash the death flow. His assistant had to do the deed for him.

How did this happen? His son who left home to another city, made his father believe he had started his own business and was earning well. He sent his father gifts from time to time with money for not making time with him. As a believing parent, why worry the child, a businessman has much to attend to. In fact, the young fellow in question was a part of a gang organization. He threw mud over his father’s eyes which his father learned at the eleventh hour. The executioner turned mad with grief and remained so for the rest of his life.

Yes, parents this is simply a story, but I have many first hand experiences to talk about the truth of the matter from. This I will at another time. I just want you to ponder over what you have read.


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