Sir Newton Changed The World

Sir Newton changed the world with his supposedly “Falling of the apple”. His laws made by him might just be mathematical equation, but the repercussion can now be felt in all in all walks of life. It might be for the good or bad. But, one thing is for sure, it is things like climate change, global warming, the distance and speed at which we travel which in turn not only brings harm like virus forming in one place and having time to contaminate the other, all a result of these laws.

These laws were always these. From the time, the horseman rode his horse into battle or pulled his chariot and goods along the road. The laws of gravitational force and the other three laws form by Sir Newton took effect. It was there, but not known. I think that it would be better kept that way, than the bees being let out of the Pandora’s Box. Once the laws were truly understood, it released a whole lot of new thinking in man. Now, he had great power to invent, create an supposedly, improve his walk of life.

Till then, man mostly used what we now call natural, but now with technology stemming from them coupled with others, much change has come about this world. So much so, it would not be a place that would be recognized by our ancestors before Sir Newton.

We are so used to quicker, better and consuming more, that we have forgotten the fundamental of what it is actually like living on earth. Are we happier now or would be happier then?

Poem By William Wordsworth – Written In Early Spring

Here I sit amonst the trees inlined, and goes on to wonder what man has made of man

This practically the same time as when Sir Newton lived. He could not be blind as to see what the city of London had become. Death, destruction and the great plague took over Europe. What the future might bring! In what way am I responsible for this mayhem!

The present might be cleaner, more political organized, but the treat of what he has set in motion has not been forgotten but by a few. It is these geniuses that have released the clean Frankenstein. Some may say who cares, it the many who take the rewards from it are bound from the luxuries of modern life and from the slavery of the vicious circle of monetary life which demands of it. It has taken away a greater part of whom we actually are. Does he, or did he and the others many like him have have the right to do so!

We live on such a fragile planet, that it hardly takes much to turn the balance from the good it once had to offer, to the bad we are truly living in. We have not made it what it were, it has been forced upon us from the past. It is believed that the thinking of a few, not being content but wanting to know to more can have an effect on what we are presently. That is what all the greats have given us. Take Alexander the Great, he managed to open the world to an extend, not only bringing Greek Philosophical though and change, but opened up the Europeans to explore the world in greater dept. This change may seem small and diminutive, but it gave ideas to others to explore further. For land, glory and gold.

Ask yourself, how longer am I to be a slave to what is famously known as Covid-19? Then you might get the idea. What it has done to us? How much more is to come to us and our future generations, while this planet exists. Happiness, is not what we have and can gain materialistically but from how content we are with our physical, mental and state in which we are living. The more, we have, does not make us greater or more import. “We have no time stand and stare. To stand and stare among the boughs we pass, where squirrel hide their nuts in grass!”


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