Keto Diet and If It’s Safe

In the modern world. we are easily drawn to many solutions when it comes to our health and the condition we fall into. On of them being the keto diet, specially if we are overweight or to fight against medical conditions such as type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes as well as a host of other medical conditions. How safe is a keto diet on the body is another question that should be on the mind.

How Safe Is A Keto Diet

How safe or how injurious something happens to be, all depends on what happens within the body! This is specially true for all aspects of life. Our bodies are a complex factory which is a continuous process of chemical process so formed naturally so that we can go through life’s journey from birth to death. When supressed alteration in one way or the other makes our body try to adapt to the form thus imposed upon us.

Most of the medicals conditions that lead us prey to fall into the trap of trying to return to the health conditions which we once know of and now realising that that times were true bliss, have in its way, some repercussions on the natural process of the way in which the body functions and the different ways in which the organs happen to adapt to. Some may be in the positive end of the receiving bargain and the other may lead to greater detrimental effects. All organs in the body naturally need to coordinate. One starts to head in another direction. Then you are making bad matters worse.

What Exactly is a Keto Diet?

I first heard of the word ketosis when I landed up with a medical condition and hearing one interim tell his teaching doctor that it report also shows ketosis. The doctor tells his student, that because he went into self starvation mode. I was in such pain that I could not eat for days plus most of the nutrients were not entering the body due a condition, which I now suspect is called celiac disease. I was a wheat eater and loved eating chappaties. As I said one thing leads to another. Learning later and having to take insulin to keep my blood sugar levels under control is what is a medical condition I now suffer from. Shoving needles into the gut on daily bases, is something no one likes. Neither do I. So the investigations into alternative solutions came about.

The issue of Keto Diet was one of them. But before you eventually start of something, you would like to know the answers to such questions as, “What is it exactly?”, “How to use it?”, and “How safe is something of this, as you can call it?” Only a wise old fool would think in this regards. A journey of research into the world wide begun. I got conflicting answers.

Before coming to the truth that I found out about, which seems to have conflicting reports to the different sides of the same coin. Let me answer the question, What exactly is a keto diet?

A keto diet is a diet where you try you best in which you cut out all sugar forming substances making your body depend on fats rather than simple and complex carbohydrates for energy. It is as simple as that. Yet there are different forms of it all depending on the medical condition that you are wanting to eradicate with such as diet.

What happens in ketosis or keto diet mode?

In a keto diet, since you deprive you body of all sources of carbohydrates, your liver looks for alternative sources of getting energy for the body, which in this case is fats. This takes the liver about six to a month to adapt to the new processing condition. Now what happens, is that the liver needs to change the fats either swimming around in the body or stored in the body for demand to give energy when needed by the body. In the case of carbohydrates which is stored in the body with the natural insulin returns for this use. But that is not the case for fats. It must be returned to the liver and released as needed by the body.

Issues with the New adaptation of Ketosis

Since this is something new for the body to handle, “How is it handled by the other organs?” Well, there are a number of different organs in the body and they have to fall in line to the new metabolic process. Like you and I we don’t changes. When there is one, we can react negatively or positively. I all depends on the mood then. The case is the same with the adaptions that the organs are used. With a new form of chemical process, a new set of demands. This comes mostly with the kidneys. it now has to coop with the new changes of flushing out the new methods and complex poison which build up in the process of metabolism activities. Think, how safe can this be as no studies have been done on the long term repercussions of Keto diets.

Now how safe is ketosis?

Finally in the end coming to the issue of safety can only be answered when all answered are answered regarding the issue. So after looking into the pros and cons, and how compatible with our tolerances we are the sole ones to take the decision.

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