How Much Money Does A Man Need?

How much of money does a man need? is taken with from the inspirational literature of Leo Tolstoy, “How much land does a man require?” The only difference is money and making an analysis of how much has becomes such a governing factor in our life that it dictates every aspect of it. Originally humans as a species were and what they have become. Everything right from who they are to the chimings of the death bells has become intricately woven around it. So much so, the question surrounding “How much money does a man need?” Rings true, all because of the many consequences can be attributed to it.

What is Money in the True sense? How life is dictated by it?

I will not define money here, lead to the experts that can do so for you. That is if you are truly interested in knowing what it is. Your could also read the essay written by me “The True Value of Money” Here to understand what I fee regarding it.

Here I can only say one thing:

Money is the power given to us by the governing authority in various ways so as to make services and produced products easier to exchange.

This is my general opinion.

Why, as this was not the case all along. We as humans used the barter system. Which depended on how much you got for the value of you want in exchange to the value of the others demand. Except, you did not come slaves to any central authority for such local or international exchanges. It was all left up to the two parties of exchange

When we are dictated how we are to live, it does not have to be the manner in which we are told how we ought to go about doing things. It could also be the action in which we have no control by. That is what happens with money – it not only makes life easier, but every aspect of it with ratiocination is lead to how we ought to live life in the modern context which in turn is controlled by others. This makes the question all the more pressing, “How much of money does a man need?” If you come to think about it – Nothing. Yet the quest for never seems to cease in the soul of humanity. Irrespective of whether he is rich, poor, ugly, pretty, gay or straight, black or white, a priest or a saint, a politician or the general public that gets him there. Every aspect of humans are so intractably trapped by it, that naturally he wants more, more and more.

Was how much money does a man need always a part of human existence?

In one word “NO”, he was made to live by the sweat of his brows and search for his survival as a hunter gather. He hunted and he gathered what he need for his food, he did this alone, with his family or with the society in which he lived. He along with others whom we can call his associates covered many miles on foot either cautiously walking around or running after prey. He was knowledgeable about the environment he lived in. For many of us if we happen to fall where survival of the land becomes a sudden way of life – all the comforts of life that money has given us will not help. We become sitting ducks for death.

We have become prey to Ill Health

We have become prey to ill health – Money has given us such comfort, that we hear of the rich man’s diseases. Nearly half the world suffer from some form of sugar related illness, hearth disease and so on. We rather have to be ready for them, so that we do not fall prey to them, which can only be done, with medicine. Ask the hunter gatherer, whether he was worried by the same phenomena as we do now. I will think you have gone nuts or become a lunatic.

That is because even without money, his life was full of exercise, the food he ate was his medicine. He did not have to go round in a vicious circle of money, spend it and gather more money. His only need of the hour was gathering more food for which his whole body was used. No cars, bikes, planes, and the human competition of superseding each other. If he was the better one and gathered the most and gave to others as well, he got the women behind him, He became the leading man of the social order in which he lived. The Amazonian who were the closest seemed to be much knowledgeable of this way of life.

The want for money never ceases in our life’s journey. Death only tells us that the quest for it just goes into the hands of other – all our efforts are in vein. How much of money does a man need? Will continue, as I have much to say and write on the matter.


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