Hi People,

I am Steven Pitts, with the center name of William as given to most people of my kind. I believe myself to be a free thinker and not swayed by any particular ideology or abstraction but come to a conclusion after much ratiocination on a particular subject matter. Because of this, I am not controlled by the factors which control other such persons as I.

Steven Pitts Writes to Inform

I love writing, which comes straight from the heart and mind, without any conflict of interest but by the facts that might control the circumstances of the times we prevail in. What I write might not be all that perfect; yet, at least it is mine; as I feel being perfect is being God, the unknown personage which seems to dictate our earthly existence or most ours on Earth. I love to write on any and everything. Some of which, might be in league of likeness to your mental aptitude, others might be otherwise and not so much to your emotions. Though it may be so, at the most I feel, I have done my part to disseminate my best.

In case, you would like to contact me, please do so by all means through swpitts@outlook.com, and if what you want, deserves merit, I shall surely reply to you. If you want to be a contributor of your thoughts, please let me know, so that I can make an account of the manner for yours, for putting up your thoughts and articles under your own profile. Remember, I don’t encourage spammers. I know one when I see one. I have long been associated with all aspect of the IT world. I genuinely know what happens and what people are are capable of doing to make pennies worth a fleecing tool.

All the best

Steven Pitts

Some of My Latest Posts

Below you will find the latest post written by either me or any one of the writers that I have at my disposal. There are only eight of the latest in a long line of them. If you are interested to read others not found here, then you should check under blog where you will find twelve at a time and the rest as you go from page to page. Else you can check them out at topics which can be got by pointing to blog for the drop down menu of them.

  • Passive Income
    Passive income is the income which we made from the regular income. In the regular in come, we usually have to follow a 9 to 5 job, it is based over a long period of time and we usually spend our whole life till then in its direction. On the other hand, passive income, does…
  • The Eleventh Hour
    The eleventh hour is a story, I had the pleasure of teaching to students while as a teacher so that there are aware that in a couple of years they would also be parents. Never take your child’s word for granted, who is to know that it might be the eleventh hour then. What the…
  • Good Sound Bad Sound
    Good sound bad sound have both become a part and parcel of human life. We have been given ears to perceive both of these angels and devils fortunately. We are not given the opportunity to choose from either, either. We as humans with our present activities have to live with both, whether we like it…
  • A Mouse Holds A Gun
    Have you ever imagined when a mouse holds a gun, what happens. All I can say, is that hell breaks loose. This is what is presently happening in this world of ours. Too many mice are holding guns at the choice of the fox. The foxes are the few, who want to keep in control…
  • Being Afflicted With Diabetes
    Being afflicted with diabetes is likely one of the largest curses that can be let upon a person, but when it comes to yourself, it is all the more compounding. It let loose more horrors in life, than the afflictions itself. You, first of all are in mental turmoil. What next? They say it is…
  • Which Veggies Are Good For Health?
    Which veggies are good for health? Is most of what we might ask ourselves, or nutrician that is when we fall prey to one of the many illnesses out there in this wide world. Well! This is what I have to say – all of them and none of them. All of them have their…