Good Sound Bad Sound

Good sound bad sound have both become a part and parcel of human life. We have been given ears to perceive both of these angels and devils fortunately. We are not given the opportunity to choose from either, either. We as humans with our present activities have to live with both, whether we like it or not.

Good sound bad sound both of the them have different sources. Most of what I call good sounds are naturally occurring sounds. Sounds which nature provides us with. They are stimulating to the mental harmony of the human mind. But on the other, the bad sounds stem from the activities of human so called “human progress”.

Bad Sounds have a much greater affliction over the human body and mind than the goods sounds. In fact most of the diseases which afflict us. a percentage of it comes from these sounds. The ears are used to hear that much and wants to hear that much only. More than that causes irritation bring unwanted chemical reactions in the body which is an additional discourse without many of us knowing that it is happening.

You may have noticed, that a person living in the rural areas more healthy mentally than one in the urban. This is because he is closer to good sound not bad sound sound. The contrary can be said for those of us living in the other spectrum. The activities come from constant progress, the honking, the terrifying rumbling, and the unceasing banging of construction for living better, never seems to cease. Plus, it does not end there, night takes on a new life with the party goes, so much so, we can’t follow the proper cue time of sleep. The saying goes, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”.

What has brought about his good sound bad sound? We as humans have only ourselves to blame. Some of us are in control of what others must hear by their ears. You like it or you don’t. We have the wealth and the political system has given us the lease. So I have the power over what kinds of sounds you hear. Till take it or leave it or leave and live in the natural surroundings that you talk of so highly.


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