Global Warming

Global warming simply put is the increase of the average temperature of the earth’s atmosphere year by year. This means there is a noticeably increase in how we feel the affects to the weather on our self. This increase in the average temperature is mostly brought about by the activities of the humans species on this earth. So it can be safely said, that the detriment knowledge of the human mind of science and knowledge is the creative factor for global.

Global warming is something humanity does not need as it is changes the pattern of how the earth goes about doing its business and what most of us re used. One of its attributes is climatic change. This consequences in all areas of how we humans are used to living and did live.

How is the Earth’s Atmosphere Heating Up?

That is the first question that might come to mind and hence causing global warming. Simply put, by altering the the land, what we put into the air and the water bodies are the primary causes for it.

The atmosphere takes its energy from the rays of the sun after getting excited by the radiation of the sun fall on it before it hits either water or land masses of the earth. The atmosphere consists of a ratio of gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon di oxide and other smaller quantity of gases.

The primary two are oxygen and carbon di oxide. The latter is just below one percent of the total atmospheric quantity. Yet, it has a strange attribute to it. It heats up and cools down when there is sun and no sun in quick successions. An increase in it means more heat to the atmosphere. That is precisely what is happen. We as humans are pumping in on daily bases more and more quantities of it into the air. At the same time, the qualities of which the earth has to change carbon di oxide back into oxygen and carbon is slowly being eroded. The main ones being trees and vegetations on the earth.

On daily bases vast swamps of jungles are being cut downing giving ways to pastures for rearing cattle, specially the rain forest in the Amazon. At the same time harmful gases being pumped into the air for manufacturing of humans ever increasing needs and to move around by cars, planes and buses is another factor for global warming.

Climatic Change, a Consequence of Global Warming

The main consequence of global warming is climatic change. An alteration in the part of the climate which we are so used to. We have ever increasing hotter summers which grow longer by the year and the winter which seems to be going away seems to linger on a bit longer. It seems to rain untimely in parts of the world which have monsoons beginning earlier and seeming to go beyond its time. Hurricanes and tornados it with greater ferocity and causing year on greater damage and misery.

All this also leads to food shortages and the way we are used to growing it. Result of which is starvation and hunger. This in turn makes many people from countries mass migrate to better and richer countries leading to conflict between races of people.

What Can We Do To Help?

Since we are the cause of global warming, we can do much to help. That is if we want our species to go on living on this planet Earth. Yes, we have no other option but this planet to live on as we know of no other one that can sustain life life Earth does.

Stop using things that either directly or indirectly causes harmful gases being released into the atmosphere. Live a more natural life than the complicated one we do presently full of materialistic wants where search for wealth and money is the primary goal of each one of us. This being done on a mass scale, will slowly alter the Earth back to its normal way its used to and global warming will become a thing of the past. Most importantly, is our time on Earth will become a happier one.

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