Disengagement may be such an abstract term to understand, for it might be used in many contexts, more than one can bargain for. We just disengage ourselves from anything, marriage, from what we might like or the behaviour we are in.

We pretty most do this reason better known to ourselves. But one thing for sure, we might go about it from the necessities of life = sometime compulsion, not achieving our goal or not getting what we actually want. Whatever, it might be, this factor is a very powerful tool, knowingly or unknowingly. If used in the correct way, can be an asset to whom we are and can further growth in self being.

You might want to be a fashion designer, but the person who maintains your up bringing from childhood would like and want you to become a doctor and if you go on a cardiac surgeon. He has his purposes for that. One is that he thinks well for his offspring, secondly, they might feel designing clothes or waking the ramp is not to the social order of the day and their family status. They were all doctors and that is what gave you the influence of life that you are living in at the moment. So it is only proper, that their feeling and beliefs are in such reasoning. What do you do then! Continue with you set destination or disengage and follow the new traction of your parents’ wants for you in life. I know that it is hard, but at the same time this is a cause, that might make or break you future happiness and content in life.

From “The Road Not Taken” By Robert Frost

According to the poem of Robert Frost – the journey in life makes all the difference from the road not taken. He would have wished, what the other road was like, if he had taken it. That makes all the difference we are in at he moment.

What should I do now. Carry on or disengage to the wants and demands. Use you time, should I leave my job for the better paying offer. Look at the pros and cons from the merits of both side. The one you are being offered and the one you are in. The one your offered might have better pay, more perks – but what is the work. Will you be content and happy once there? Is the question that you might have to ask yourself. What you have, is what you know you have and you know all about – your happiness at work, your satisfaction of the monetary benefits and so on. The people you work with are helpful and friendly. There are so many factors to take into consideration.

It is the present moment that is the most important for decision making, which makes all the difference for all the actual thinks that are necessary for a later life. The present moment, is the only moment that proper disengagements are made. You present decision cannot and will nor unravel what you made for the future.

So, it is always important that your disengagement for the future you take seriously, for it is in the future that you are the one to ether repent or satisfied with what you took. It takes time and much present ratiocination at the present or you will neither be left with this side or that of the equation of disengagement.

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