Being Afflicted With Diabetes

Being afflicted with diabetes is likely one of the largest curses that can be let upon a person, but when it comes to yourself, it is all the more compounding. It let loose more horrors in life, than the afflictions itself. You, first of all are in mental turmoil. What next? They say it is the rich man’s disease. Well, none of us not rich enough to encounter should a disease as diabetes, or most of us aren’t. Well I’m not.

I did have some bad attributes in life, but most of my life I lived a active life, did plenty of exercise in my work, mode of transportation, loved walking in nature and so. So, Why was I being afflicted with diabetes, now in the prime of my life. Now, coming entering into the third anniversary of it now and having tried all the remedies out there, the alternatives, the medical, the diets and the whole lot of information that is to be had on the world wide web, I am still stuck with the malaise and which is contributing to others as well. One thing which I have come to learn is, diabetes does not kill, it is you not having direct control over your body, like the body used to do naturally does.

I have come to learn that the natural level in the body should be between 70 to 140 mg/dl or something like that which is controlled by a small organ above the liver called the pancreas. When this either stops giving insulin or does not not sufficient amount of it, it leads to you being afflicted with diabetes. This according to the right signal from the body cells absorbs the excessive amount of sugar from the body and stores it as fat or you use it in your physical activities directly.

Yes, the answer lies in taking in too much of sugar which is either not natural or too much of sugar from the sources that provide us with energy. That is consuming more than what we need from carbohydrates. All carbohydrates basically break down to sugar. Fruits have them and most all forms of foods have them. It is the kind of foods we, and the amount of activities which we do.

In the modern world, we have steered ourselves into a more sedentary lifestyle where most of us do less activities and more sitting around in our line of work. This is coupled with the easy access of tastier food which not only make us consume more but the wrong kinds of foods. You hardly hear of a person having being afflicted with diabetes from some active line of work or some farmer who toils in the field manually. But, it is the ones that live either the life of doing nothing and consuming everything or living in a city, not using his hands and legs, but filling his belly with all the goodies of the world.

Well, to make long matters short, now that I have been afflicted with diabetes I have to bear with the consequences of what it throws at me. Any questions please, don’t forget to ask! Ready to help with advice.


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