A Mouse Holds A Gun

Have you ever imagined when a mouse holds a gun, what happens. All I can say, is that hell breaks loose. This is what is presently happening in this world of ours. Too many mice are holding guns at the choice of the fox.

The foxes are the few, who want to keep in control for reasons either known to them. It can be for financial reasons, political reasons or the more geographical-complex reasons of control and much worse to keep one’s religion being superior, so as to have control over the mice.

Once a mouse holds a gun in its hand, the larger class of mammal knowing the terror which the gun can unleash, becomes all the more fearful not of the mouse but what it holds in its hand, the gun. Guns have long been know to cause tremendous harm right to death from the time it was invented to it now being manufactured bulk. People from every walk of life have easy access to them. It can cause death from the hand of a child or from a aged person. We have seen this time and time again.

You may say, that it gives the weak the power over the strong, you may have the world of arguments at your disposal, but it you don’t have the power of the stupid use of it to it being used to cause mayhem. A child being insane, unleashes, it into his class mates, all because his heart begins to hold some grudge. A religious leader cannot get his say that his religion is superior and the rest should not exist and use his mice to cause terror, A political leader wants to hold more territory and makes his mice with the promises, that there are greener pastures with more with the guns in hand. These are some of what want to ask, “Does A mouse holds A Gun in its hand set us free from?”

All, I believe, it takes away the harmony of living a peaceful life on this earth as each of us mammals have been given it place to live accordingly. So has the human species, we are meant to live peacefully, in co-existence with what this earth has given us for each one of us have our strength made accordingly.


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